The Lowchen (Little Lion Dog)

One Of the larger of the Toy Group of dogs, The Lowchen is a healthy, outgoing and affectionate Little dog, who is also highly intelligent.

The Lowchen is very adaptable and willing to please, wether it is in the Show Ring, performing Agility, Obedience, Heelwork To Music, or simply just being a loving family pet.

The Lowchen has a silky coat, but though single coated with no undercoat, his coat will still need regular attention to prevent matting. The Lowchen coat is also very low shedding. The Kennel Club requires the Lowchen to be shown in the Lion Trim, but if not being shown he looks adorable in a Teddy Bear trim.                

The Lowchen coat has many varying colours and combination of colours and they often change colour as they develop.

View our coat care page for further details regarding caring for your Lowchens coat and view Lowchen in pet trims.

With an average life span of 12 – 14 years and average height range of 10 – 13 inches, the Lowchen was first introduced to the UK in 1968 and was listed in The Guinness Book Of Records in 1969 as the rarest breed of dog in the world.

Many people have worked hard since then to make the breed what it is today,   for us all to enjoy.