Fun Day & Picnic 2017


                                       LOWCHEN PICNIC & FUN DAY 2017





On Sunday 9th July 2017 Little Lions and their families gathered to have fun and a picnic. The venue in Staffordshire was lovely in the most beautiful setting, plenty of room outdoors and indoors should the weather not have been kind, but we need not have worried the weather was beautiful all day long blues skies and lots of sunshine.

Thanks to a hard working team, there were lots of fun things to do. Fun classes to enter, with thanks to Kathy Begg for overseeing them. Tombola, Craft Stall, Name The Teddy and Guess The Dog Breeds to name just a few. Huge thanks to Jaqui Watts providing a super Agility Course and Wendy Phillips providing a Rally and Kay Sergeant with tips on Obedience and Training for all.

 The highlight of the day was the Lowchen Photograph were we had 43 Lowchen pictured together and we managed to keep them all still long enough to get a great  shot !!  Youngest Lions on the day were Don Brown and Miko Brothwood both 5 months old and the oldest was Teelah Brown age 15 years !!

Thanks to Michael Reeve and Kev Saker for taking the pictures for us and to those who helped out also on the day.

Then it was on to the picnic, huge thanks again to the team for their generosity providing most of the lovely food enjoyed by all, it all looked wonderful.

 It was a long tiring day and hard work for the team but so very rewarding to see all the little lions, their families and all the children who love them so much enjoying a wonderful day together.

Our thanks to the following Little Lions and their families for joining in the fun:

Gideon & Bibi Edwards. Mark, Raven & Indiana Pascoe, Joe, Vic, Felix, Don & Teelah Brown,Flora Mansell, Blanche, Ebony,Phoebe, Pig & Nancy Bush, Kitty & Feather Sergeant, Daktar Watts, Tiger Fleming, Eric & Ernie Phillips, Heidi & Ralf Hobday, Miko & Lindy Brothwood, Lenny & Brock Mitchell, Tensing Nicol, Oscar Copping, Patsy & Harvey Nicol, Molly & Dexter Chetwynne, Gem Evans, Bertie Orr, Merlin & Magnus Mclocklin, Teddy & Otto Leigh, Jay & JJ Gibbons.



Kidz And Their Dogs  1st: Max & Raven  2nd Autumn & Patsy  3rd Harris & Harvey


Best Oldie Over 7 Years   1st Joe Brown   2nd  Pig Bush   3rd  Tensing Nicol


Best Baby        1st  Don Brown  2nd  Indiana Pascoe  3rd Miko Brothwood

Waggiest Tail:  1st  Oscar Copping   2nd Teddy Leigh  3rd  Bertie Orr


Best Short Coat  1st  Eric Phillips   2nd  Miko Brothwood   3rd  Otto Leigh


Best Long Coat:   1st  Vic Brown   2nd  Oscar Copping


Best Six Legs:  1st Bertie Orr   2nd  Harvey Nicoll  3rd Raven Pascoe


Most Handsome Boy:  1st  Ernie Phillips   2nd Dexter Chetwynne  3rd Merlin Mclocklin


Most Feminine Girl:  1st  Ebony Bush   2nd  Molly Chetwynne   3rd  Raven Pascoe


Egg & Spoon Race: 1st  Max & Rave  2nd  Harris & Harvey   3rd  Merlin Mclocklin


Dog Of Choice:  1st  Ernie Phillips  2nd  Bibi Edwards   3rd  Miko Brothwood


Fancy Dress:  1st  Max & Raven  2nd  Tiger & Chris   3rd Blanche & Alison