FUN DAY 2018

                                     LOWCHEN PICNIC & FUN DAY 2018

On Sunday 8th July 2018 Little Lions and their families gathered to have fun and a picnic. The venue in Staffordshire is lovely in the most beautiful setting, plenty of room outdoors and indoors should the weather not be kind, but we need not have worried yet again the weather was glorious, too much so, extremely hot but plenty of gazebos and even a paddling pool for them to keep cool. Well done to those that planned ahead and brought their own gazebos, remember in future you can do this at this event.

Thanks to a hard working team, there were lots of fun things to do, with tombola, name the elephant and crafts stalls. The Fun classes were well supported and enjoyed by all including the ever popular egg and spoon race, which is becoming quite an event in itself! We would like to say a big thankyou to Jan Hill for overseeing the fun classes for us. Huge thanks to Jacqui Watts and Darren Green providing, yet again, a super Agility Course for which Terry, Jo and of course the pink elephant stole the day!!  Grateful thanks to all the hard working Committee members and those not on Committee but worked so hard with us, as always, to make this day a great success, without you people days like this would not be possible and we appreciate your help so much.

 The highlight of the day was the Lowchen Photograph were we had 47 Lowchen pictured together and we managed to keep them all still long enough to get a great shot and even a video, albeit it took a couple of takes !!

 Wonderful to see Little Lions of all ages enjoying their day from 4 months to 16 years, well done Teelah Brown 16 years and the oldest lady again on the day, like last year.

Thanks to Kev Saker for taking the pictures and videos for us and being so patient, not an easy task trying to organise everyone in the searing sunshine.

Then it was on to the picnic, thanks to those who helped with the preparation, it all looked wonderful and thanks to Jade Pascoe manning the kitchen on the day and keeping the drinks flowing.

 It was a long tiring day and hard work for the team but so very rewarding to see all the little lions, their families and all the children who love them so much enjoying a wonderful day together.

Our thanks to the following Little Lions and their families for joining in the fun:

Honey, Bea Bea, Wes, Lily & Maggie Edwards. Indiana, Cooper & Lola Pascoe, Joe, Vic, Don, Teelah & Lily Brown ,Flora Mansell, Pig & Howard Bush, Kitty & Feather Sergeant, Dakta Watts, Tiger Fleming, Eric & Ernie Phillips, Tensing Nicol, Oscar & Kitty Copping, Patsy & Harvey Nicol, Flo Smith, Bertie Orr, Merlin & Magnus Mclocklin, Dan Millais, Mitch Oneioo, Rosie Hywood, Gus James, Mitch, Teddy Ickle & PP Gregory, Reggie Watts, Indianna Quinney, Dennis & Ice Sampson, Zsa Zsa & Benny Neal, Mitch Oneioo, & Daisy Billington.



Kidz And Their Dogs  1st:  Emy James with Gus.


Best Oldie Over 7 Years   1st Teelah Brown   2nd  Pig Bush   3rd  Tiger Fleming


Best Baby        1st  Lily Brown  2nd  Rosie Hywood  3rd Lola Pascoe


Waggiest Tail:  1st  Oscar Copping   2nd Daisy Billington  3rd  Bertie Orr


Best Short Coat  1st  Eric Phillips   2nd  Gus James   3rd  Dan Millais


Best Long Coat:   1st  Joe Brown   2nd  Don Brown  3rd Benny Neal/Sampson


Best Pair :  1st Don & Vic Brown  2nd Oscar & Kitty Copping  

                    3rd Cooper & Lola Pascoe


Most Handsome Boy:  1st  Gus James   2nd Oscar Copping  3rd Mitch Oneioo


Most Feminine Girl:  1st  PP Gregory   2nd  Flora Mansell   3rd  Bea Edwards


Egg & Spoon Race: 1st  Kay & Feather  2nd  Jo & Maggie   3rd  Sonia & Gus


Dog Of Choice:  1st  Oscar Copping  2nd  Pig Bush   3rd  Indianna Quinney


Fancy Dress:  1st  Emy & Gus  2nd  Tiger & Chris   3rd Tensing & Sylvia